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Individual modules from the Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine are available as standalone short courses to facilitate professional practice. In this short continuing professional development (CPD) course, you will develop a knowledge of the basic neurophysiological and genetic underpinnings of sleep, and learn how leading theories on sleep regulation and function aid the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders.

learning outcomes

It is expected that after completion of this module students will be able:

  • To gain an understanding of sleep as a complex, strictly regulated process, ubiquitous across ontogeny and phylogeny
  • To develop knowledge of basic neurophysiologic and genetic underpinning of sleep
  • To get insights into methodology used for classifying sleep states, and investigating sleep in animals, human subjects and patients
  • To understand how leading theories on sleep regulation and function aid prevention and treatment of sleep disorders
  • To develop understanding of the link between sleep and bodily functions, including immune system, thermoregulation and metabolism

Module Lead

How to apply

You will be expected to use the same guidelines as for the PgDip in Sleep Medicine.  

Applications must be received at least six weeks before the start of each module