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We identify and translate to the clinics new drugs, targets and mechanisms regulating sleep, circadian rhythms and associated disorders.


We collaborate with and draw widely from the expertise of preclinical and clinical labs. Since 2014, the collaborating team has translated two separate candidates for clinical evaluation in circadian rhythm disorders and bipolar disorder. This work has been achieved by Dr Vasudevan's lab in collaboration with Professor Foster and Professor Jagannath (Clinical Neurosciences), Professor Churchill (Pharmacology) and Professor Cowen (Psychiatry). 

In addition to these ongoing projects, we have initiated translational investigations on sleep and circadian targets that could lead to metabolic disorders and the identification of small molecule candidates to counteract this.

We welcome interesting people/collaborations and are always up for a challenge.

Our work has generated multiple patents, and Dr Vasudevan is a co-founder and a scientific adviser for the Oxford start-up Circadian Therapeutics.

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