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Modules from the Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine may also be taken as standalone short courses. These are available to those wishing to study only a few aspects of the programme to facilitate professional practice.

Applicants may take up to three short courses only. For those wishing to do more it would then be necessary to apply for the PgDip in Sleep Medicine.

All completed applications must be received a minimum of six weeks prior to the course start date to be considered. (NB You cannot be enrolled on two short courses running over the same dates.)

All short courses are charged at 25% of the home/overseas fee for the PgDip:

  • 2024/25 entry: £1828.75 home or £2817.50 overseas

Completed short courses (to a maximum of three) can be transferred to our MSc/PGDip Sleep Medicine programme provided the summative assessment has been successfully submitted. We recommend taking up to  two modules in the first instance and waiting for your assessment results before taking a third short course.  


Please contact for further information


Please note that preparation work will usually be required at least one week before the course begins and that submission deadlines will be in March or July.

Short Course 2023/24 entry 2024/25 entry
1.The Physiological Basis of Sleep 2023/24 APPLICATIONS CLOSED 25 September 2024 - 20th November 2024
2.Introduction to Sleep Medicine and Methodological Approaches


27th November 2024 - 29th January 2025 
3.Circadian Rhythm Disruption and Sleep 2023/24 APPLICATIONS CLOSED 5th February 2025 - 12th March 2025
4.Insomnia 2023/24 APPLICATIONS CLOSED 23rd April 2025 - 4th June 2025
5.Sleep Disordered Breathing and Sleep-related Movement Disorders 2023/24 APPLICATIONS CLOSED 24th September 2024 - 5th November 2024 
6.Hypersomnias and Parasomnias 2023/24 APPLICATIONS CLOSED 12th November 2024 - 17th December 2024
7.Sleep in Specialist Populations 2023/24 APPLICATIONS CLOSED 11th February 2025 - 18th March 2025
8.Sleep and Society 2023/24 APPLICATIONS CLOSED 22nd April 2025 - 3rd June 2025

NB All completed applications must be received a minimum of six weeks prior to the course start date to be considered. Course dates may be subject to minor changes, so please check before you apply to avoid any confusion.

How to apply

You will be expected to use the same guidelines as for the PgDip in Sleep Medicine.  

Applications must be received at least six weeks before the start of each module