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Individual modules from the Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine are available as standalone short courses to facilitate professional practice. In this short continuing professional development (CPD) course, you will explore how attitudes and behaviours to sleep have changed over time and across cultures, and the broad impact of sleep and sleep disorders in society.

Learning outcomes

It is expected that after completion of this module students will be able:

  • To understand the history and development of sleep medicine and circadian science
  • To understand how attitudes and sleep behaviours have changed overtime, and across cultures
  • To understand medico-legal aspects of sleep medicine and sleep medicine practice, with regard to criminal and occupational law
  • To understand the broad impact of sleep, sleep deprivation and sleep disorders in society at large, from interpersonal functioning through to policy and institutional practices
  • To be aware of the direct and indirect cost of sleep disruption and disorder and the cost-effectiveness of recommended treatments and policy

Module Lead

How to apply

You will be expected to use the same guidelines as for the PgDip in Sleep Medicine.  

Applications must be received at least six weeks before the start of each module