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We aim to define the mechanisms and consequences of sleep disorders in order to drive treatment innovation.

Girl asleep on books

We have been at the international forefront of advances in insomnia science by:

  • conducting some of the largest and most influential clinical trials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • defining mechanistic underpinnings of therapeutic components
  • pioneering digital CBT (dCBT) through
  • developing testable models of insomnia development and maintenance; and
  • elucidating how insomnia engenders risk for adverse psychiatric and cognitive outcomes.

Through laboratory studies we systematically manipulate sleep in order to define the consequences of sleep disruption for health, and quantify the effects of both novel and established interventions on sleep physiology and circadian processes. 

We develop novel interventions and test efficacy, effectiveness and mechanisms in large-scale randomised trials. In these trials we also seek to examine whether improving sleep and circadian rhythm disruption in a range of health conditions can improve disease states and overall quality of life.  

We have developed the Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine in order to translate knowledge about sleep and sleep disorders to the clinic. Through our innovative online platform we train health-professionals (from more than 30 countries) in the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders.

work streams within this theme

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Experimental and Clinical Sleep Medicine