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Sian Wilcox

Postgraduate Student

I am DPhil student in the Vyazovskiy group. My DPhil project is funded by the NC3Rs and focuses on refining the experimental methods used in behavioural neuroscience, and studies in circadian neurobiology and metabolism. In particular, I am investigating the effects of fasting-induced torpor on sleep and behaviour in mice. My project employs the use of electrophysiological techniques, such as electroencephalography (EEG), to record brain activity during sleep, and behavioural tasks to assess learning and memory. 

I am jointly supervised by Associate Professor Vladyslav Vyazovskiy in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Associate Professor Stuart Peirson in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, and Professor David Bannerman in the Department of Experimental Psychology. My project is also in collaboration with Dr Sara Wells at MRC Harwell. 

Prior to starting my current programme, I received a BSc in Pharmacology with Industrial Experience from the University of Manchester. During my Bachelor's, I completed an in vivo research project in psychopharmacology, investigating spatial working memory deficits in a pharmacological rat model for schizophrenia.