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Lara Robinson

Research Assistant

Lara graduated from the University of Bath in 2023 with a BSc (hons) in Biochemistry with professional placement. Her 4-year degree included a year in industry, which she spent at Oxford Immunotec as a diagnostic laboratory scientist working on interferon-gamma release assays (IGRAs) for tuberculosis and SARS-CoV2 vaccine clinical trials.

As well as various academic research internships throughout her time at university, Lara's first-class final year research project centered on developing novel bioPROTACs for target protein degradation, supervised by Dr. Julien Licchesi at the University of Bath.

Lara joined Prof. Zameel Cader's group in September 2023 and is primarily working on developing a human brain single-cell atlas through snRNA-seq of post-mortem tissue, funded by the British Heart Foundation. She also works more widely in the group on chronic pain mediation in the human spinal cord, and the circadian influence on pain amplification in model organisms. Her interests include chronic pain, CNS vasculature, and therapeutic approaches to neurogenetic disorders.