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Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics
Old Road Campus
Oxford OX3 7BN

Jane Itzhaki

Research Facilitator for Oxford Metabolic Health

I am responsible for supporting the efforts of Oxford Metabolic Health (OMH) by co-ordinating research-related activities across the university in this scientific area. Metabolic health represents a broad range of basic and translational science relevant to several major disease areas including diabetes, obesity, heart and liver disease. Within Oxford, metabolic research is spread over multiple departments and institutes across all medical sites. By working with this research community, OMH aims to stimulate communication and collaborations, enable sharing of expertise, and facilitate and support strategic funding opportunities, recruitment and training. As well as representing the interests and activities of metabolic research within the university, OMH aims to provide an integrated view of the University's strengths in this research area to those externally. I also carry out related activities such as supporting the diabetes-obesity-cardiovascular cluster within the Oxford BRC. I am based at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and in DPAG.  

I have a DPhil in cell biology from the University of Oxford and a Diploma in Science Communication from Birkbeck College. I did postdoctoral research at Oxford and at the MRC Clinical Sciences. Leaving research to join the Wellcome Trust in London, I worked for 15 years on a wide range of programmes, including managing Wellcome Trust Centres in the UK. I then worked as a freelance science consultant helping researchers write grant applications and disseminate their research findings. I moved to my current role in January 2018.

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