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Fabio Sanna


Postdoctoral Research Scientist

My scientific career begins in 2009 as PhD Student in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Chieti (Italy). During my PhD I was mainly interested in oxidative stress and its relationship with cancer cells proliferation.

In 2014, as a Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow, I had the opportunity to join the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford (United Kingdom). This appointment provided an excellent opportunity to engage with translational research, where I could apply my skills as molecular biologist to understand the basics of atherosclerosis in the contest of cross-talk between adipose tissue and vascular wall.

In 2018 my research interest moved towards human metabolism and liver patho-physiology. In the same year I joined the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, in the department of Discovery Technologies and Genomics. I am currently working as Postdoctoral Research Associated Fellow in Prof. David Ray’s group at University of Oxford (OCDEM RDM), in a research programme funded by MRC. In this particular project I am focusing on the relation between circadian rhythm, inflammation and metabolism re-modelling. By using in vitro models such as 3D cell culture and molecular biology techniques like ChIPseq and RNAseq, my research focuses on the role of a wide range of molecules serving as a link to mediate temporal distribution of metabolic processes. 

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