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Stroke in the Time of Circadian Medicine.

Journal article

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Two different isoforms of osteopontin modulate myelination and axonal integrity

Journal article

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ND3 Cys39 in complex I is exposed during mitochondrial respiration.

Journal article

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Structural basis for a complex I mutation that blocks pathological ROS production.

Journal article

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A sensitive mass spectrometric assay for mitochondrial CoQ pool redox state in vivo.

Journal article

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Peripheral myeloid cells contribute to brain injury in male neonatal mice.

Journal article

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TLR2-mediated leukocyte trafficking to the developing brain.

Journal article

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Toll-like receptor-3 activation increases the vulnerability of the neonatal brain to hypoxia-ischemia.

Journal article

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NF-κB activation by equine arteritis virus is MyD88 dependent and promotes viral replication.

Journal article

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