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In sensor research we take advantage of additional contextual sensor information to disambiguate potentially erroneous sensor readings or to make better informed decisions on a single sensor's output. This use of additional information reinforces, validates, semantically enriches, and augments sensed data. Lifelog data is challenging to augment, as it tracks one's life with many images including the places they go, making it non-trivial to find associated sources of information. We investigate realising the goal of pervasive user-generated content based on sensors, by augmenting passive visual lifelogs with "Web 2.0" content collected by millions of other individuals.

Original publication




Journal article


Sensors (Basel)

Publication Date





1423 - 1446


SenseCam, Web 2.0, event augmentation, lifelogging, Activities of Daily Living, Databases, Factual, Humans, Photography, Social Media