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Research groups


melanopsin, ipRGCs, colour vision, rods and cones, pupillary light reflex, non-image-forming vision

Manuel Spitschan

MA (Hons) PhD

University Research Lecturer

  • Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow
  • Biomedical Sciences Junior Research Fellow, Linacre College


How does the human non-image-forming visual system represent, encode and process light and color?

I am interested in how light affects our brain, physiology and behaviour beyond what we consciously see and perceive. I am specifically interested in the short-wavelength (blue) sensitive photopigment melanopsin, which aids in synchronising our bodies and brains to the prevailing light-dark cycle, and in controlling the size of the pupil.


2016–2017 Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellowship (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)

2012–2016 University of Pennsylvania, PhD

2009–2012 University of St Andrews, MA (Hons) Psychology